How to


Welcome to your very own sourdough starter!

Image by Margaret Jaszowska
Image by Margaret Jaszowska

Your Mission

You've got your starter, now you've got to keep him alive! (It's a simple routine, with a few important details.)

Keep him in your fridge and take him out to feed him once a week.

How To Feed Your Starter

If you don’t plan to bake with it:

Discard half (you can use sourdough discard recipes for the discarded portion) and feed with an equal weight of flour and water (can use bottled water, I’ve been using water from our rain barrels which I’ve filtered). Stir with a wooden spoon handle and put back in the fridge. (About once a month I recommend leaving him out at room temperature to double in size after a few hours so you can make sure he’s healthy and still growing)


If you plan to bake later in the day:

Put equal weight of flour and filtered (non-chlorinated) water. This is the part where you check your recipe to see how much active starter you need and measure your flour to that amount then weigh it and put an equal weight of water in.

Stir with a wooden spoon handle.

Let sit at room temperature for 5-6 hours. He should double in size and get lots of air bubbles. 

This state is an 'active starter' state and can be used as leavening for a sourdough recipe. 

After using the active starter, feed him again and put him back in the fridge.

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Image by Margaret Jaszowska