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Romer Social Origins | What Social Media Marketing Looks Like in 2019

It’s the age of the startup, the side-gig, and (in our eyes) 2019 is the year of hustle. Social media marketing is going to play a huge role in allowing small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), entrepreneurs, and long-established corporations to focus on their ‘hustle’. It’s the principles Romer Social was founded on and alongside our origin story, we’ll explain exactly how much extra focus you can get with dedicated social media management.

Side Hustle - gotta hustle

According to Forbes, Freelancers already comprise 35% of the U.S. workforce; and they are expected to reach 43% by 2020. Freelancers pay a huge part in small businesses and often become a business themselves at some point. These kinds of businesses and entrepreneurs often run their own social media pages, but with the gig economy bubbling, it’s becoming more important for freelancers and SMBs alike to have a higher level social media marketing strategy than before. Establishing thought-leadership, creating a sophisticated page that converts to leads requires a level of focus most small business owners simply don’t have time for anymore.

How Romer Social began

As a writer, I was naturally drawn to content marketing and when an opportunity to write social media for a business came up, I couldn’t resist. What began as a few hours of side-gig hustling grew until it only made sense to brand the business and start working on social media marketing full time. With a decade of sales, customer service, and related work it was easy to translate those real-life developed soft-skills into marketing strategy. Coupled with webinars, online courses, and testing the methods of tried and true social media marketing influencers I developed my own tools and methodology that have seen excellent organic results.

But, as always, I’m curious. I’m an early adopter. I’m eager to figure out what else will become ‘the next big thing’ So in building my own brand I’ve started testing methods which I’ve seen but not used. I’m also exploring the hottest new trends and technology to find what fits in with. Speaking of which...

Social Media Marketing in the new year

The trends everyone is talking about for social media marketing in 2019 sound like they came out of a star trek episode... Between advancing AI technology, augmented reality and the amazing power of retargeting marketers have a lot of really cool tools in our hands. So what will actually help and what’s a gimmick? Let’s break it down

1. AI is most useful for businesses with a strong need for customer service (such as retailers, e-commerce and software-based products.) Chatbots that are well built can save you man hours and improve your customer service offerings, prompt and targeted messages to help a customer in need works the way phone trees were supposed to.

2. Voice technology is something everyone with a website needs to be thinking about. This isn’t a technology you’re likely to be able to afford to integrate into your website or social presence, but it will impact the longevity of your content. With the ‘big guns’ like Apple, Amazon, and Google using voice command technology, anyone, and everyone has some kind of interaction with voice search. This makes your SEO practices take a new direction. It’s no longer just about how people will search via keyboard, but what is the natural question they will ask out loud that your content can answer.

3. Augmented reality is one of the coolest ways people are interacting with bleeding-edge brands. I’m not just talking SnapChat filters here, there’s a whole range of neat AR tools businesses are using to drive sales. Recordings of customers using the AR on your site, app or otherwise is a great way to improve your brand recognition and reputation. Soliciting influencers is a great way to start this. Creating your own AR type filter for your social pages is a bit gimmicky if you’re not a big enough brand, or if your local presence isn’t strong enough. It’s the kind of tactic that works best as an extension of your presence, not a way to initiate presence. Very few smaller businesses can get away with this kind of marketing or have the budget to make it look good enough.

4. Animation- GIFs are cool and all, but animations such as 3d pictures on Facebook and animated profile pictures are a branding opportunity that should be tested in 2019. When done well they can make any brand look a little more professional and a lot more tech savvy.

5. Content marketing is changing to adjust to the ways consumers interact with content. Long-form, short-form or somewhere in between it’s important to have a strategy and format that your target audience prefers. Content marketing traditionally refers to the written component, but in 2019 you’ll want to consider the various mediums people are using to consume: Video, Voice and yes, written. Think, youtube channel, podcast, blog. These are the three pillars (which we’ll discuss in another blog soon…) of core content where you save your long-form. The frequency, topics, and pillar (or medium) of choice will depend on your target audience but no matter what your brand does, you’ll want to have a data-based content strategy.

6. Data-Driven decision making - speaking of data-based strategy… It’s easier and more important than ever to make sure all business decisions, including social media marketing, decisions are based off solid data. For social media, this means taking the time to do some social listening around your industry and brand to find out the audience sentiment you currently have, what keywords your target audience is using, and other important pieces which, when put together, create an image of what kind of content brings value to your customer base and target audience. This starts with knowing who your target audience is. Which is a complex topic you are probably already aware of.


Many businesses dip their toes into social media marketing because ‘we should be doing social’ according to the proverbial ‘them’. In 2019 the reasons to get involved in social media have become more defined. Social media marketing is more ubiquitous than ever before.

More brands on social mean those who aren’t are left in the dust. More influential purchase groups are relying on social media for purchasing decisions than ever before. A booming economy has left people waiting for the other foot to drop. More people are turning to social media and online reviews as their assessment before committing to a brand. ‘Going social’ is now a necessary strategy for companies small and large.

But for many small businesses, it’s not sustainable. Hiring a social media manager can be too expensive, training current staff in social media management can be tricky and time-consuming. For larger businesses, it can be a matter of wanting to get it right the first go-around. There are many additional reasons why a company might turn to a social media marketing or management agency, but sustainability is the top one I see.


Here at Romer Social, we understand the need to have a branding driven social strategy. That’s why when you partner with us we start you off on the right foot by heavily researching your industry, competitors, and target market. And we’re not afraid to do what it takes to get it right before it goes out. We do it at an affordable rate because we truly believe that even entrepreneurs and small businesses deserve high-quality, professional marketing. Schedule a call with us today and let’s talk social!

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