• Leilani Romer

Promoting Your Company Blog on Social Media

We all know writing a blog doesn’t stop when you’ve done the final proof. You have to promote your finished blog. You have to get it in front of all the right people. For your blog, the work has only just begun.

1. Trickle down

We’ve written a complete explanation of how trickle down content works and you can read that here. But the gist of it is that you mine your core content (your blog) for headers that can be used on each unique platform. That’s the first step in promoting your blog, identifying the shareable headlines and hidden gems in your blog.

2. Distribute

Distributing your content takes a bit of finesse. It starts with sharing your trickle-down headlines on your social channels. That will require an understanding of the audience you have on each platform and the right timing. That means doing a bit of research. Start with your audience. Find out what kind of content they consume on which platform. Then find out what times your specific audience niche is on those platforms. Schedule your content to post during those times.

3. Engage

Sitting back and waiting for comments to roll in so you can clarify and expand is great and all, but there's a more proactive approach you can take. If you sourced your topic from a social channel such as Reddit or Quora, go back to the original post and share your link. Look for other places where people have posted about your topic. Twitter and Instagram are great sources. Do a hashtag search for the keyword(s) you focused on and share your content on related posts.

4. Adjust

The most important part of getting attention on your blog is to listen to the feedback you are given. Typically this means listening to what people say struck them most about your content. If you start to see user-generated content, you can capitalize on it. Sometimes this also means politely ignoring uninformed feedback (haters gonna hate).

5. Promote

“It’s not the best content that wins. It’s the best promoted content that wins.” ~ Andy Crestodina

Paid promotions help you develop a community which can be tapped into for further engagement. By maximizing your targeting and spend you reach the right people and with a solid ‘ask’ you can get them to follow further engage with your content.

A blog can’t promote itself.

The bottom line is, no blog promotes itself. You have to get the ball rolling. The more proactive you are with interactions, the more wide-spread you cast your net. Promoting your blog takes hard work and strategy. When you partner with Romer Social we’ll ensure your content is reaching the audience you need to reach to grow. Schedule a call and see how we can help you!

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