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For the Love of Tech | How Tech Companies do Social

95% of Tech marketers use content marketing on social media. During what’s become known as the ‘information revolution’ technology companies have exploded out of silicon valley and into our phones! Technology is nothing if not disruptive. They do everything differently. Dream bigger, do impossible things and push the limits of whatever comes next. That spirit, that approach translates in several ways to a successful social media campaign...

Tech Companies Do Video

Video marketing is organic gold, and no one takes more naturally to video than tech companies. Whether you make devices or software or offer a tech service, there are innumerable ways to use video in your social strategy. The best thing about it is that video is the preferred media on social, so all the platforms give native and live videos higher reach than other forms of content. Tech products and services are far easier to explain, demonstrate, and teach via video.

Tech Companies Provide Value

Speaking of explaining, demonstrating and teaching… Many companies struggle to find the best way to provide value to their audience. Tech companies are able to provide value in 6 intuitive and natural ways.

1. Give them data - This is especially easy for software and tech services companies. Create content that shares data points of relevance, especially if it includes a recommendation. For example, iPhone batteries are rated at 500 charge cycles. With this in mind, feel free to charge your phone as often as you’d like, but understand, once you’ve reached 500 charges your battery life will start to decline. Data backed recommendations are an easy way to provide value.

2. Show them how - Tutorials on how to use your product in new or different ways can be fun and useful for your customers. Show off the ‘hidden’ features and surprises that make your product or service even cooler.

3. Join a partner - One of the best things about tech is how collaborative it is. This makes it easy to find a partner you can join for a video on how your technologies fit together. Or you can do a guest post on their blog, vlog, or social page to share how your products or services go well together.

4. Give Examples - does your tech help create things? Give examples of finished products your tech helped create! Idea sharing is a great way to engage your audience and grow your customer base.

5. Be a guinea pig - Demonstrations are not only helpful, when done well they can be oddly satisfying to watch. Tasty is a great example of how satisfying and simple a demonstration video can be. Apply this to any tech process and even if you’re not perfectly cutting fresh fruit with the snap of a finger, you can still make difficult things look (and be) easier and cooler.

6. Be Supportive- Okay this is a huge one. Everyone knows that no technology is perfect. Except for your customers. But that’s okay. People expect the most out of technology because it’s come so far, but when things do go wrong, they need somewhere to turn. Make sure you have a customer support representative (for the small businesses that may be ‘me, myself, and I’) to take care of the customers that reach out to you on social media. It’s an opportunity to turn negative situations into a positive experience.

Tech Companies Have Personality

Faceless, 1984 style tech companies are out of style. Now we’re not saying you should adopt a Clippy style caricature to represent your brand (Here’s way more than you ever need know about Clippy, ahh the nostalgia…). Injecting personality into your brand should be natural. If you’re Wendy’s you’re a snarky redhead out to pour some salt on frozen beef. If you’re coca-cola you spread happiness with feel-good fun. If you’re a nerd, you rock it. Nerds are the new jocks anyway. Whatever personality your brand has, develop it, stick to it, and share it.

Tech Companies Have Fun

About that whole nerd thing… Social media is a great outlet for the fun side of your company. Share a little behind the scenes blooper reel, be quirky, be weird, be you. Make a video of someone using your technology to pull a prank or over-engineer a package thief revenge box. The point here is to be authentic about how you, and your customers, like to have fun with your technology. Don’t forget to have fun with your customers. Encourage them to send in videos of the wild antics they perform with your tech. You’d be surprised how engaging user-generated content can be!

Tech Companies do Techy Things

Don’t forget to use your tech, and other technology, to push your limits. Don’t just make infographics, make animated infographics. Don’t just make videos, make augmented reality filters. Take it the extra technological step wherever you can. Technology is what you do for a living so it would be surprising if you weren’t interested in other aspects of the industry, utilize your passions to push your social media creativity. Chances are, you’ll stumble upon new, cool uses for your own technology in doing this.

The Final Frontier...

The possibilities of technology are endless. They’re limited by physics and the human mind, but both of those are constantly breaking barriers. That kind of ingenuity can be applied to your social media presence. When you back these ideas with an effective strategy you can become an unstoppable force. We’d love to help you explore new worlds in social media management. Reach out to us today!

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