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Mike Speer is an entrepreneurial thoroughbred.

When we got the chance to interview him for the first look at Michaels Wilder’s newest venture - Natter Social - we couldn’t help but overreact just a smidge.

Natter social is everything that matters to modern marketers. The word Natter is defined as- to talk aimlessly often at great lengths. - to simply converse. And boy does it help you simplify conversation in the digital world. Not to mention the amazing value it has for everyone from solopreneurs to corporations. Here’s what we found out:

It integrates EVERYTHING

Talk about automation. Natter Social is the hottest new social media management platform because it actually has EVERYTHING you want. And then some. Here’s the quick and dirty list:

1. Facebook Pages

2. Facebook Groups

3. Instagram

4. Twitter

5. LinkedIn Profiles

6. LinkedIn Pages

7. Pinterest

8. Youtube

9. Google My Business

But here’s the two kickers that NO ONE else has right now. Did you see point 9? For local businesses who rely on google results and local recommendations, Google My Business is the place to be. (Here’s a great article explaining the benefits of posting on GMB.)

The second cool feature that no one else has… Facebook Advertising comment integration. So you know those questions, comments, and trolls that people are posting on your ‘engagement’ optimized Facebook ad? Yeah, probably not. But with Natter, these comments go directly to your inbox which you can integrate with Slack to send to the appropriate team members automatically.

It takes the pain out of social listening

What are people saying about your brand anyway? What are the hottest topics in your industry? What do you need to know about right now? Natter has a social listening tool that puts all the other platforms to shame. You add your keyword to Natter’s tool, it links the top results right into your priority inbox. It even has the unique ability to automatically block and remove certain phrases from your Facebook page. Talk about reputation management!

Not-your-mothers automated reporting.

Speaking of automation….

If you’re in the social media marketing space you know that it can be notoriously difficult to create accurate reports. The numbers you get from one source don’t match the numbers you see on another. And drafting a presentable report can take hours.

Natter pulls all its metrics directly from the source so the numbers you see on your Facebook insights are the same ones you see in your Natter report.

And it doesn’t stop there. You craft the perfect report once, integrating all the sources you want and choosing your pick of any of the metrics available on those sources. Then you can have it automatically sent to whomever you want. So you’ll never go into a meeting without the right metrics already in your hand.

Content Hub makes content marketing a cinch

Modern marketing is dependent on content marketing. Natter handles your content from ideation to distribution. The Content Hub is a wonderful RSS feed compilation that has only the best, most share-worthy content. You subscribe to the topics you care about and get a plethora of high-quality articles to comb through for curation purposes or to inspire your next blog. This even integrates with slack so you can send the content to the right people without lifting a finger.

A team’s dream for your dream team

Natter was built to make collaboration easy. You can set up a flexible approval workflow to ensure everything going out of Natter has passed through the right hands. It even has full integration with Canva, which means your graphic designer(s) can create images for your posts right in Natter’s composer. Partnered with the approval workflow, you could task your writers with creating a set of content, then make comments about how you want the images to look, your designers create it in-platform, and you can approve of the final results getting it scheduled right then and there.

Did we mention it’s actually affordable?

Natter will have three pricing tiers. And for a limited time, there will be a 50% off special. But even at full price, this platform is an absolute steal! You can choose one of three tiers designed for your business needs and add or remove any feature a la carte. That means you’re never paying for a tier full of features you don’t need just to get the one you actually do. From users to platforms to reporting, you can pick and choose what you need without a hefty price tag.

We’re not normally the ‘fan girl’ kind, but this new platform truly does make it easier to manage your social media presence in the most holistic way we’ve seen. There’s not a lot that is missed. There are even more features we didn’t mention because, well, no one wants to read a 6-page essay on a management platform. Needless to say, you’ll want to see what this platform has to offer. It's the kind of technology that can propel your social media marketing, and that’s something we’re pretty passionate about.

*Disclaimer: While we do work with the Michaels Wilder team on occasion we are not affiliated with their Natter Social branch and do not receive any kickbacks or affiliate benefits for promoting their platform. We genuinely believe it’s the most complete marketing platform solution we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying.

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